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Decades ago, wallpapering your home became all the rage, then for a while during the 1980s and 90s, painting walls took over as the preferred choice of decoration. But now as we move into the 21st century wallpapers are back with a series of funky designs, warm coloured murals and an outstandingly modern feel to wallpaper design.

What you will see as you browse over our modern looking wallpaper styles are floral designs, wallpapers for children’s rooms and wall murals. You will see more than five pages of children’s wallpaper designs and you might even be able to help choose the right one by getting some feedback from your son or daughter as to which one they would prefer.

For the young boys’ room you could select Home Border Cars style wallpaper, Batman Full Throttle, Tigger and Pooh, Pokemon or racing cars. The girls will love the Princess Jewels design in pink, Hannah Montana, Princess and a Fairy Tale Dream or a more simple design of mini bows and daisies.

Your dining room or guest room would look great with floral design wallpaper. The range of Albany style wallpapers is huge and includes lily, floral bouquet, country, and the stunning floral grace finished in Mr Perswall design. Everyone one of us has a favourite colour in mind that we want to hang up in our home. Sometimes it is just simply the style and design that we can’t decide on. Our “Search by colours” menu allows you to select any style or design of wallpaper by its colour. So if you have a yellow in mind, or a blue, you can select by specific colour and find the wallpaper we have in one search.

One of the factors that have made wallpaper a modern and popular-once-more method to decorate our homes is the introduction of wall murals. This design of wallpaper is stunning and immediately catches the eye of any guest that will walk in the room. One of our more popular designs is the “Along the River” mural and the Doctor Who style one for the boys.

We also have a number of outstanding murals like the Abbey Road style one that appears like graffiti, only key lyrics from the famous album by The Beatles are written out in various size lettering and the Hackney Bus Garage design from a photo taken in 1996 also has to be seen to fully appreciate.

Mr Perswall Jungle Lounge Wallpaper Mural.

Mural Wallpaper Forest Scene